Diversity in Our Workplace

Dedicated to our National Diversity Agenda

From the communities we serve to the physicians we employ, The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group is dedicated to achieving diversity in its practice. Following the principals set forth in our National Diversity Agenda, every member of our team strives to:

  • Provide culturally responsive medical care and culturally and linguistically appropriate services to improve the health and satisfaction of our increasingly diverse membership
  • Recruit and retain employees and physicians that enhance the diversity, culturally competent care, skill and performance of our workforce
  • Facilitate membership growth through effective market segmentation approaches that target specific populations, which are the fastest growing segments of our society

Quality Care in any Language

When it comes to providing the most exceptional care possible, we speak our patients’ language. Literally. In addition to in-house interpreters, all of our facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region offer 24-hour telephone access to medical interpretation in over 140 languages. We’re also sensitive to our members’ cultural needs, and are continuously developing tools to help our staff better understand the values, backgrounds and beliefs that affect their patients’ health care. That effort is evident in a broad-based range of initiatives, including the production of various Kaiser Permanente Provider’s Handbooks, each of which provides population-specific information to promote culturally competent and responsive care.

Kaiser Permanente Celebrates Those Who Go Above and Beyond

At each annual Kaiser Permanente National Diversity Conference, Kaiser presents the R.J. Erickson Diversity Achievement Awards to recognize individuals, groups and medical centers that are making significant contributions in cultural competence. Named after a former general counsel to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, these awards honor those who, like Erickson himself, demonstrate time and time again that they are unwavering advocates and champions of diversity. Mid-Atlantic is proud to say we’ve been recognized every year for our outstanding contributions.


KAAPA: Kaiser African-American Professionals Association

KPAA: Kaiser Permanente Asian Association

KPEDA: Kaiser Permanente Employees with disAbilities Association

KPLA: Kaiser Permanente Latino Association

KPPride: Kaiser Permanente Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Association


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